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Why Choose Shashib ?

An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) is basically a person licensed to certify the aircraft or its component for its airworthiness before its release to service.

Why Choose Shashib ?


Country Presence

With campuses and affiliations in nations including the United Kingdom and the United States of America, SHA SHIB group has a footprint across the world. A consortium of educational institutions known as SHA SHIB Group exists in 12 locations in India. Top aerospace research institutes can be found in the UK and USA, which also provide a wide range of internship and employment possibilities. The purpose of our existence in these countries is to introduce students to international aviation.


Airport Presence

The Sha Shib group is the most significant organisation in South Asia that offers instruction in aircraft maintenance engineering. Our airport presence is spread all over in India including Guna Airport, Ratlam Chindwara Airport, Biju Patnaik International Airport, Karad Airport, Sonari Aerodrome and Hosur Airport.


AME Colleges in India

Our Aircraft maintenance institutes are located in Bhopal, Pune, Cochin, Bangalore, Mumbai, Guna, Bhubaneshwar, Jamshedpur.


MRO organisations

The Sha-Shib Group owns MROs around India that have been authorised by the DGCA Government of India, which makes it simple for students to gain practical experience. We also provide the greatest AME training in all over India including, IASPL Bhopal, ARDC Guwahati, ADRC Bhubaneswar, SFA Guna, IAE Navi Mumbai, ARDC Jamshedpur and ARDC Pune.


Licensed Engineers

To guarantee that the aircraft are developed and maintained to the greatest levels of safety and dependability, licenced engineers are required. To prove their expertise and experience in the engineering profession, they have attended extensive training, education, and licensing examinations. This will help students obtain meaningful and high-quality training by ensuring that educational programmes offered by the SHA SHIB group satisfy the highest standards of security, efficacy, and compliance with legislation.


Functional Aircrafts

Functional aircraft is a crucial component in our student’s education, it is our duty as an aviation institute to make sure that our students obtain actual instruction on operating aircraft. Our operational aircraft also give students the chance to obtain hands-on instruction on actual aircraft, which improves their learning experience. Students are better equipped for a future in the aviation sector by obtaining hands-on experience on board operational aircraft.


Flying Aircrafts

The Sha Shib group places a high priority on flying aircraft since they are the foundation of our aviation business. We provide our students with real-world instruction as well as experience flying aircraft. This improves their educational experience and gets them ready for a job in the aviation sector.


Practical Tie-Ups

Sha Shib Groups has practical tie-ups with several organizations including Indocopters, international Aircraft sales private Limited, Air Works, and Indamer. These partnerships provide students with several advantages, including exposure to industry, prospects for internships and jobs, hands-on training, and skill development.


Pilot Training Academies

The SHA SHIB group of institutions, which includes our pilot training academies in Guna, Madhya Pradesh, offers pilot licensing including Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) instruction that has been authorized by the DGCA. The curriculum is intended to provide students with the information and abilities they need to succeed as commercial pilots.