General Rules


The following Rules & Regulations of Institute shall be observed strictly.

  1. • Every student will strictly adhere to the rules & regulation of the Institute. They should be neatly dressed.

  2. • Students should maintain the Tuition Notes & Record of Practical Work up to date. Tuition Notes & Practical Records will be checked by the Instructor every month. He/She should have a set of their own A.M.E. text books related with their subjects & tool kits of their own.

  3. • When syllabus is completed as per the lesson planning, the students Tuition Notes & Workshop Records should be deposited to Training Manager ( T.M. ) for his scrutiny.

  4. • Late comers should report to the Training Manager before entering classes. In the absence of T.M. Batch Incharge will deal with such cases & inform to the Training Manager. No student is allowed to leave class /workshop without the permission of the Instructor in-charge of the class/workshop superintendent.

  5. • All leave Application will be addressed to the Training Manager who is the sanctioning authority. Students absent themselves without leave for more than a week should obtain the permission of the Training Manager before attending the next class. Minimum of 80% attendance is compulsory for every student to sit for the semester exam or he/she shall be debarred from the Exam.


To be eligible for appearing in any Examination a Student/Trainee should have been present for at least 80% of the Training Period.


Only Following uniforms are allowed in the institute’s premises


  1. • Overall of Grey Colour.
  2. • Leather Shoes/ Rubber Soled Shoes.
  3. • A Pair of Black Shoes.


  1. • Oxford Blue Trousers with a Black Leather Belt, Oxford Blue Blazer.
  2. • White Shirt with one Front Pocket with Monogram, Shoulders Flaps & a Blue Tie.
  3. • A Pair of Black Shoes.