India wants to build 220 new Airports by 2025 and also needs more than 2000 new Aircrafts in the near future.

India Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia recently Announced his ideas about building new Airports across India. On 23rd March 2022, India's Aviation minister addressed to the parliament in detail regarding ministry plans about building new infrastructure in the country . Which includes building new Airports, dedicated Cago terminals and flight schools. And also needs more than 2000 new Aircrafts to top with the growing demands in the market.

Aviation Mnisters Statement-

'Earlier only major cities had airports'. But today the situation is completly changed nowadays regional Airports Are also performing well and playing a major role in building Indias Economy . By building Airports and Aviation infrastructure it will create a ton of opportunities or Employment within the industry,' Stated by Aviation minister'.

India has one of the best domestic Aviation market and which requires modification and Infrastructure build up. As Aviation minister stated,' Ministry has a plan to build 220 new Airports across the country , 'which ensures strong regional connectivity and growth. As India's Cargo flights are increased due to COVID-19 With the demands increased upto 33% and adding 143 new flights in the coming years'. So India has a better future in air travel industry by the upcoming years.

During the 'Wings india Airshow' held at Begumpet Airport Hyderabad [Asia's largest Air show ]' Airbus head of Airlines Marketing India, Brent MC bratney, stated and presented how Aircraft Manufacturers looks on the Indian Aviation in terms of growing population And Market over the Extended future. "He said India will need 2000+ Aircrafts to cover it's 80% of market and the Aircrafts primarily will be Narrow bodies[like A320 or B737] for it's domestic market.

  • Air india planning to purchase new high performance and fuel efficient widebody "A350" aircrafts by replacing it's ageing b777 fleet. with order worth of 1.4 to 2.4 billion $.
  • Vistara wants to lease widebody Aircrafts as b787 delays continue.
  • Vistara becomes India's first airline to deploy RFID Aero check technology. With this tracking of all emergency equipment on aircraft can be completed within minutes to obtain highest saftey standards.