Best College for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering services ensure the maintenance of aircrafts’ condition and the safety of the passengers. Aircraft Engineers detect the issues and troubleshoot the problems through the given instructions. According to a Global research survey, around 35000 newly developed aircraft need to be introduced into the service sector by 2030. The data implies a five-lakhs job requirement for the Licenced Aircraft Engineers (LAE) in the coming years. Only the licenced Aircraft Engineers and Technicians can perform all kinds of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and repair works. Other jobs associated with the Aeronautics sector and Aviation industry experience high demand for skilled and efficient candidates.

The blog intends to discuss the whereabouts of the best college for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in India. It is high time for the students who aspire to become Aircraft Maintenance Engineers to research the institutions and courses available in India.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering deals with the quality assurance and improvement of aircraft. Few institutes in India offer the licenced course; accredited by the International Civil Aviation Organization. Without a doubt, Hindustan Aerospace and Engineering (HAE) is one leading aircraft organization in India, offering its students quality knowledge and profound training courses under the mentorship of excellent faculty members.

Hindustan Aerospace and Engineering is India’s best Aircraft Maintenance Engineering College with its constructive educational environment, dedicated faculty members, solid infrastructure, and strong employability. The college set up its journey back in 2005 in Pune under the eye of the Director-General of Civil Aviation, Government of India.

The primary objective of establishing the educational institute has been to offer the students Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Courses. With changing times and needs, the aviation institute has been upgraded according to the latest regulation CAR-147 by the Director General of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Civil Aviation. The institute is dedicated to producing skilled and trained Aircraft Maintenance Engineers every year.

Hindustan Aerospace and Engineering are one of the reputed institutes under SHA-SHIB GROUP, which has earned the recognition of the most expansive training institute in the South Asian Region in the Aircraft Maintenance Sector. Being a part of this group, the aircraft institute nurtures discipline, a futuristic educational approach, technological upgrades, ethical sense to impart quality knowledge and a healthy behavioural sense to the students. HAE has shown its academic superiority to the country with outstanding scores in the examinations conducted by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India.

Graduates of Hindustan Aerospace and Engineering serve the aviation industry on the national and international levels. After obtaining the Graduation course certificate and licence, the students join various international airlines across the countries.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Career & Job Opportunities

Career options for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering students in India are on a constant hike with the gradual growth in the aviation sector. It is the best time for the students who dream of a career in the same industry. India has a high potential to be at its peak when it comes to aviation.

Numerous airlines in our country have introduced aircraft manufacturing companies to increase the job opportunities for the youth of India. The Aircraft Maintenance Engineers can flourish in the following job sectors:

  • MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) Organizations
  • Aircraft Part Manufacturing Organization
  • Aircraft Operation Organizations
  • National and International Airlines
  • DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation)
  • Aviation Training Centres
  • Civil Defence Forces
  • Flying Clubs
  • Airlines

Final Takeaways

The salary package of a licenced AME is lucrative enough. Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are responsible for the safety and security of aircraft machinery and passengers. Yet, the completion at this sector is a bit lesser as the AME program is a unique and lesser-known one. The candidates must take their admission at Hindustan Aerospace and Engineering College and pursue the 2-years Aircraft Maintenance Engineering courses to enjoy a prosperous career with a secure future.